Announcing ROW-5

This will be the 5th in a series of international meetings focused on the growing field of High Frequency (HF) radar applications in coastal oceanography. The series goal is to bring experienced users of HF radar networks together to share scientific results and operational procedures and lessons learned.

The upcoming meeting, ROW-5, represents a return of the workshop to the U.S. following a set of meetings in Europe and Australia. HF radar installations, in particular installations related to wide-area observing systems, are an important activity at this time in the U.S. ROW-5 will be an opportunity to exchange plans and results from those efforts, including the national program planning taking place at Ocean.US and the state-wide Coastal Ocean Currents Monitoring Program (COCMP) just beginning in California. As always, ROW-5 will also be an opportunity to exchange scientific results based on mapping ocean currents or waves using shore-based HF radar systems.


Tuesday, 3 May through Friday 6 May, 2005
NOTE: Formal sessions will take place on May 4, May 5, and the morning of May 6.


Costanoa Lodge and Retreat on California's Pacific coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. For details, please see the meeting venue page.

What and Who:

ROW 5 Agenda
ROW 5 Participants
ROW 5 Organizer Contacts

What to do First:

  • Please follow the registration link to instructions for letting us know that you will be attending ROW-5 and, if appropriate, a short description of a presentation you would like to make.
  • Follow the venue link to instructions for securing lodging at Costanoa.
  • Companion Technicians Workshop

    This year, a companion workshop series was started with the specific goals of bringing together technicians and operational managers to share experiences and, where practical, standarize formats and practicies. The workshop took place on 31 January to 4 February 2005. For details please see the ROWG-1 announcement link and the follow-on ROWG user exchange page.

    ***ROWG-2 will be held 21-23 March 2006 in Charleston, South Carolina***
    Download ROWG-2 Agenda
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    Please plan to join us at ROW-5!

    Jeffrey D. Paduan
    Naval Postgraduate School
    Newell (Toby) Garfield
    San Francisco State University
    Hans C. Graber
    University of Miami

    To do list:

    Register for ROW-9 in Split, Croatia.

    Check out the ROWG page: ROWG Exchange