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Latest Central California Hourly Vector Currents
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To provide highly resolved hourly surface current measurements of the Monterey Bay regional coastal waters to residents, ocean policy makers (both state and federal), nearshore and coastal ocean waters stakeholders, and marine scientists.

These surface current mapping (SCM) products are being developed based on high frequency (HF) radar instrumentation deployed along the shoreline. The Monterey Bay region is home to leaders in the development and deployment of HF radar systems for oceanographic monitoring, including CODAR Ocean Sensors and the Naval Postgraduate School who have been collaborating for over fifteen years in the region as well as abroad.

In 2002 California voters passed propositions 40 and 50, which support funding for water quality monitoring statewide. A portion of that funding was dedicated to operational funding for a SCM network along the California coastline. In response, the State of California created the Coastal Ocean Currents Monitoring Program (COCMP). This program represents the component of COCMP in and around the Monterey Bay region.

Contact Info

Office #: 831.656-1060
General Email:

Principal Investigator:
Jeffrey Paduan

Technical Staff:
Michael Cook (Oceanographer, Naval Postgraduate School)
Julio Figueroa Gonzalez (HF Radar Network Support, Cencalcurrents)