Remote Site Information:

Each of our HF radar sites are configured such that they are compliant to latest manufacturer standards and recommendations. Of course, FCC Frequency licenses and regulations pertaining to the operation of research HF equipment is adhered to as well as land usage permissions and restrictions. None of our HF radar sites have formal agreements (in writing) with land owners and thusly we are operating and maintaining our systems with this same high level of curteousness and openness. In general this is the pretext under which we operate on at each of our sites:
The land owner of a site permits COCMP - UCSC to install HF radar equipment with his/her full knowledge of installation date, location, personnel, equipment, and tool. COCMP - UCSC shall adhere to any and all regulations and restrictions of the property owner during the installation and come to the Land Owner with any requests for changes. COCMP - UCSC, if granted permission, for regular access, and given keys and/or codes for access, to the property for any unsupervised visits, with regular or infrequent, will adhere to whatever precations and restrictions and regulations fall under such visits as well as ensure the integrity of security and safety of the property during and after said visits. Keys and/or codes will be returned to the Land Owner or destroyed upon request. Any Land Owner property that is lent for temporary use by COCMP - UCSC during said visits will be restored to its original state prior to the end of the visit and replaced if damaged, lost or stolen. Land Owner requests for improvement or maintenance of property will be followed through with in a timely manner. Approval will be sought by COCMP - UCSC from the Land Owner for any installation or upgrading of equipment that goes beyond the original verbal agreement. Any specific agreements pertaining to the retention of equipment or tools installed, stored, or left at the property, beyond HF radar equipment and that agreed upon during the orignal verbal agreement or any agreement thereafter, will be under the discretion of the Land Owner. The Land Owner maintains the right to dismiss COCMP - UCSC at any point and request that COCMP - UCSC vacate the property and restore it to its original condition barring normal usage degradation of the Land Owner's property.
With that said, here is some brief information about each site:

PESC: verbal agreement with land owner. Additionally, land owner has the right to request to keep broadband equipment if COCMP - UCSC vacates the property upon there fruition or upon his request.
BIGC: verbal agreement with land owner.
SCRZ: verbal agreement with Directory of Long Marine Lab.
MLML: verbal agreement with Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.
NPGS: verbal agreement with Oceanography Department at the Naval Postgraduate School.
PPIN: verbal agreement with the City of Pacific Grove for HF radar equipment installation and operation. Verbal agreement with Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory for installation and maintenance of communication equipment.
GCYN: verbal agreement with Granite Canyon Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory.
PSUR: verbal agreement with California State Parks. Documentation has been submitted.
PSLR: verbal agreement with Oceanography Department at Naval Postgraduate School.

Contact Info

Office #: 831.656.1060

Principal Investigator:
Jeffrey Paduan

Technical Staff:
Michael Cook(Oceanographer, Naval Postgraduate School)